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Urgent processing of Canadian citizenship cases

Canadian citizenship cases can be processed on an expedited basis under certain circumstances. Applications for proof of citizenship, search of citizenship records for Canadian citizens, resumptions and applications for grant of citizenship are expedited if documents support the need for urgency in the following situations:

• a request is received from the office of the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

• the applicants need to travel because of a death or serious illness in the family and cannot obtain a passport in their present nationality (which includes the Canadian passport)

• a subsection 5(1) grant applicant has 1095 or more days of physical presence in Canada and faces loss of employment or of employment opportunity because they are not a Canadian citizen

• the applicants are Canadian citizens and face loss of employment or of employment opportunity because they are not in possession of a document establishing Canadian citizenship

• an application is delayed due to an administrative error

• an applicant for grant of citizenship has a successful appeal to the Federal Court

• the applicant is in any situation in which not expediting the citizenship application harms them (for instance, need to renounce foreign citizenship by a certain date)

• the applicant needs a citizenship certificate to access certain benefits such as a pension, a social insurance number or health care

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