Useful information for those who wish to immigrate to Canada: immigration news and updates on immigration programs

Sponsoring parents in 2019

Sponsoring parents within a few months is now a reality. If a few years ago, such sponsorships may have taken from three to five years, now, in our practice, our...
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Urgent processing of Canadian citizenship cases

Canadian citizenship cases can be processed on an expedited basis under certain circumstances. Applications for proof of citizenship, search of citizenship records for Canadian citizens, resumptions and applications for grant...
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Job Offers for Express Entry Immigration

Job Offers for Express Entry immigration programs are often a confusing subject for many applicants and remain a frequent reason for refusals. Unrepresented applicants often claim additional 50 points (in...
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Citizenship Act 2017

New Citizenship Act of Canada finally came into force on June 19, 2017. Bill C-6, an Act to amend the existing Citizenship Act, brought about significant changes to the way...
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