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Mailing Permanent Resident Cards to Representatives is not allowed

Which address should you use to receive your new PR cards? The new CIC policy summarized below will no longer allow mailing PR Cards to immigration representatives.

Currently, the majority of replaced or renewed PR Cards are mailed directly to permanent residents in Canada. Previously, you would have been required to appear in person at Citizenship and Immigration Canada offices in Canada to collect your PR Cards. The CIC new policy prohibits mailing PR Cards to immigration representatives because it may open the possibility that these cards may then be forwarded to the you overseas, circumventing the Immigration Act and Regulations.

However, if you are a new immigrant applying for your first PR card upon entry to Canada, it may be appropriate for you to provide the address of a third party (friend, relative, service provider or a paid representative) in Canada in order to facilitate processing and issuance of the card as you may not yet have a permanent address in Canada.

Last updated: 12.07.2014